Welcome New Student !!!

“Usakhanae Thammawuit”
Her statement of purpose…why SGS TU?
“An adaptable and responsible student looking for an opportunity to learn and expand her knowledge and improve herself by working and experiencing in many areas of life. During my high school I have been able to maintain good study level, which have shown myself to be responsible, organized and be self-motivated. Even though I have to work under pressure, I'm still capable to complete it.
Last year, I joined an international program for the business competition for Junior Achievement Thailand.  It was a business competition program that demonstrated a significant understanding of economics and business concepts through the process. My team and I started up an actual company called SUM. We had to run the whole business by ourselves and as a managing director of the company, I learned a lot about managing skills and how to approach people. However, after I participated in the Junior Achievement competition, my attitude changed. I found out that business wasn’t only about making money it actually could create a positive impact on society and even change to the community for the better because together with my friends when starting the project, we brainstorm about social problem that we wanted to help solve, we came up with the problem of textile waste. As the increasing amount of textile waste was a major concern to us, we wanted to create a product that helped lessen this type of waste. So, We upcycled our product from textile waste and other left over materials through our brand concept is “what is old... is new again!” I realized that we could create a business as a tool to make whole some changes to the world that we live in. The experience inspired me to have a clear purpose in my mind that I want to create benefits for society when I grow up.  So I have eagerness to learn and have genuine interest in social enterprise that not only to sustain my life but also to help solve social problems with business function.
After getting to learn about the intention, the structure of curriculum and the course description from the website, the students and the faculty of GSSE, I hope it will definitely make me feel inspired and energized by learning from people who share the common passion in creating good things that benefit society. I wish I could gain many useful things, not only academic stuffs but also living skills that will last longer. 
After graduating from GSSE, I would like to follow my dream by starting to work for a social enterprise which aims to develop education in Thailand or other countries in the world so that I gain experience before creating my own social enterprise that can help shape the thoughts of people to the more creative and wholesome ways to the society”.