Qualifications of Prospect Students

Qualifications of prospect students are according to Thammasat University’s Regulation regarding Graduate Program B.E. 2561 as follows

1. Holding at least a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Science, Humanity, Science, Health or other relevant disciplines from domestic or overseas educational institutions accredited by the Thammasat University Council.

2. Having a minimum grade point average of 2.75 or equivalent. However, the curriculum committee can consider students with GPA less than 2.75 if they can demonstrate satisfactory academic performancein innovation and/or sustainability in 1 piece of research or 2 pieces of academic articles to the curriculum committee for consideration.      


Qualifying Prospect Students

1. Passing an interview, written exam and research proposal

2. Having the English proficiency scores such as TOEFL,TOEFL-ITP, IELTS or TU-GET with scores according to the admission criteria (only 1) as follows

   - TOEFL scores at least500 for paper-based or at least 173 for computer-based or at least 61 for internet-based

   - TOEFL-ITP (Institutional Testing Program) scores at least 500

   - IELTS scores at least 6.0

   - TU-GET scores at least 500

The scores are valid within 2 years from the test date until enrollment date(except for foreign applicants who use English as their first language)

In case applicants having lower scores, the scores have to be not lower than the following criteria

   - TOEFL scores at least 475 for paper-based or at least 150 for computer-based or at least 55 for internet-based

   - TOEFL-ITP (Institutional Testing Program) scores at least 475

   - IELTS scores at least 5.5

   - TU-GET scores at least 475

Applicants are allowed for admission, but need to take English proficiency test again until they get  scores according to the graduation criteria before self-defense research for Plan A Type A 2 and before oral exam of independent study for Plan B.

3. Having field experiences(internshiporparticipating inor supporting education)

4. Foreign applicants must have a certified letter for receiving tuition fees or financialstatement and non-immigrant ED Visa.