The School of Global Studies is a new and innovative academic initiative within Thammasat University and a front runner in global health and social innovation within Thailand, Southeast Asia and beyond with a track record of excellent research on determinants of the public’s health, student centered teaching, and academic service relevant to community needs.

The School enjoys a unique position of being a national, regional and global focal point for global studies, human security and wellbeing with collaborative relationships with academic and professional communities.

In an increasingly globalized world characterized by profound and rapid change our passion for social justice and equity combined with our expertise in research, teaching, and mentoring changemakers is more important than ever.

We are devoted to our mission of education, research, service and intercultural dialogue; and do not view these as separate domains, but recognize the importance of the intersections of education, research, service and inter-cultural dialogue.

Our Vision

“Leaders for an equitable world”

Our Mission

We are a higher education institution, advancing life-long learning and knowledge creation, to inform the practice of equitable social change in a globalizing world.

Our Values

At SGS we consider inequity to be a driving determinant of social injustice. We regard the unfair distribution of the benefits and burdens of society to be a result of inequitable power relations and unequal access to political, economic and cultural rights and opportunities. We believe that social justice is necessary to achieve human security – essential freedoms, responsibilities and entitlements for survival, livelihood, and dignity – in order to achieve a more just and equitable society.