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Summer Course

In 2013, the School of Global Studies (SGS) began discussing with the University of California Education Abroad Program (UCEAP) and by late 2014 a Letter of Agreement between the two Universities was signed; agreeing to the Summer Course in Public Health in Thailand for 3 years. A course was designed to offer the undergraduates selected from the 10 UC campuses and the curriculum was based on an engaged and participatory approach to learning whereby students will learn from themselves, Faculty, experts, community-based organizations (CBOs) and NGOs and from Migrants themselves.
The Thammasat University, School of Global Studies Summer Program offers qualified undergraduate students an opportunity to take credit classes in Global Health. The Global Health Summer Program focuses on “Border Health” with the aim to raise interest in and appreciate the complexity of global and border health; discover that global health is everyone’s business; and to think creatively about solving problems. 
Students must be full-time enrolled in three courses offering together 8 credits consisting of; 
GH391 : Health Realities in Border Populations” (3 credits)
GH 392 : “Geopolitical Realities in Populations in Transition” (3 credits)
Language and Field laboratory (2 credits)
Your choice to explore border health will connect you to: a diverse body of students in terms of culture and disciplinary backgrounds; a unique team of professors offering academic excellence and rich professional experiences; and amazing real word settings at the Thai-Myanmar border.
The Summer Program is designed in such way that students have the opportunity to engage in discussions, spend time in the field, and work as a team in our social design lab coached by faculty and professionals. Both Didactic was conducted at SGS/TU and Field based in Mae Sot in various migrant communities during the summer of 2016 with 25 undergraduates selected of 32 applicants from the 10 University of California Campuses.